Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Mild Weather…

Members of the FALPS’ Trail Committee work on rerouting a portion of the Agnes Bowen Trail.

FALPS’ Board Members Ralph Scarpino (President), Don Stein (Vice President), Paul Hart (Treasurer), Jeanmarie Miller (Secretary), Board Members Erik Landgraf and Tim Deschenes-Desmond and FALPS’ member Kevin Noblet.Thanks to these hardy volunteers!

2 thoughts on “Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Mild Weather…

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  1. We are planning to re-route two short sections of the Agnes Bowen Trail to get it off a portion of Greenwoods Road and another section off of Beaver Brook Road. Most of the trail will stay as is. The Section that will remove the trail from Greenwoods Road will be open this spring. We still need to put down about 40 feet of bog bridge and build a 12 foot bridge over a small intermittent stream. The section to remove the trail off of Beaver Brook Road is a bit more complicated as we not only have received clearance from DEEP Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries but we have to be concerned with potential impact of Species of concern or Rare species. It should be reviewed shortly and hopefully we can do that work next fall/winter. It will require significant work and expense as it is predominantly through a swampy area.

    Thank you for your interest and question.


  2. Thanks for your hard work.
    Is the entire newly rerouted Agnes Bowen trail clearly marked and ok to hike?
    It’s becoming a favorite and thinking of going this Th or Fri.

    Thank you!


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