Thank you for your support in helping us to get trees/shrubs for our shrub border. At this point, we are halting the donation program for the year. You may still contribute, but we won’t be planting any more trees/shrubs until next year. You may also wait until next year when it will be time for us to continue the program.

Again, thank you for your support!

FALPS is working on a project to manage the meadow at the northern end of Matthies Grove. We have been planting native wildflowers over the past few years to enhance the meadow, attract pollinators, and create more visual interest for visitors.

Why are Native Plants so Important?

  • They flourish without synthetic pesticides
  • They rarely need watering once established
  • They provide food and habitat for wildlife
  • They contribute to biodiversity
  • They connect us to our home places and help us celebrate the things that make our region unique
  • They teach us about the world of nature
  • And of course, they are beautiful!

What about Trees and Shrubs?

Alongside of planting in the meadow, we are also establishing a shrub border around it, containing native shrubs and small trees. This may take years to complete but is a vital part of providing habitat for wildlife.

Why a Shrub Border?

A shrub border provides an ecologically important zone which separates the taller forest canopy from ground level plants in the meadow. The berries, foliage, and flowers found in this layer provide the nutrition and natural resources needed for countless bird, insect, and mammal species. Nesting birds and hibernating insects make their homes in there, and predators seek out insects and other invertebrates to eat. Insects such as butterflies and caterpillars use them as natural wind breaks as they provide areas of shade and cover, allowing animals to move around safely.

The shrub border we are creating will also provide an area free of invasive plants, and feature selected native trees and shrubs which are beneficial to our local wildlife. All the choices available to you are stunning and add interest throughout many seasons. All native species will provide a combination of food, cover, and habitat for local wildlife. Although survival of any plant can’t be guaranteed despite our best efforts, those species selected are the best suited to our local conditions and have the best chance of thriving in our meadow.

How You Can Help!

We are promoting an opportunity for you, as a supporter of FALPS, to help us with this important project. Your donation will allow us to purchase one of the following trees or shrubs, and you will be contributing to the development of the meadow to improve the habitat for our local species of wildlife. We must reserve the right to make the particular selection from among the five species, because of availability and cost at the time of purchase, but any of these are great choices. Your donation will allow us to purchase, deliver, and plant a tree or shrub in the shrub border at the meadow, and if you participate, you will be notified when the planting is completed.

You can make your donation of $47.00 online via PayPal (see below) or via personal check made out to FALPS (please write “Shrub Donation” in the memo line) and mail it to:

P.O. Box 323
Pleasant Valley, CT 06063

Thank you for your consideration,
Dave Lewis, FALPS Board Member

We plan to purchase our plants from a local nursery, Earth Tones in Woodbury, CT:

Each selection is $47.00

All are 3 gal: 1=Redbud | 2=Amelanchier| 3=Gray Dogwood| 4=Red Twig Dogwood| 5=Chokeberry

Shrub Donation