Signs of the Times

Recently a group of FALPS’ Board members and other volunteers pitched in to put in sign posts for a variety of signs that will be posted throughout the forests explaining particular aspects of the trails and their history. The signs offer historical perspective on areas such as the Beaver Brook Marsh, the Charcoal Mounds that were prevalent in our forests and the fire ponds that were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 30s. We hope that these signs will enhance your usage of our wonderful trails!

Volunteers at the Charcoal Mound demonstration site near the Nature Museum in Peoples State Forest. FALPS Board member Ginny Apple taking photos. Pictured left to right: FALPS’ Board members Jim Lussier, Erik Landgraf, Don Stein (FALPS’ VP and Town First Selectman), Ralph Scarpino (FALPS’ President), Kevin Noblet, Bob Pulford (Chairman of BEDC) and Tim Deschenes-Desmond (members of the Barkhamsted Economic Development Commission–BEDC) and Paul Hart (Treasure, FALPS’ Board).
Paul Hart, left and Don Stein take turns digging a hole for the sign post.
Don Stein, Tim Deschened-Desmond, Erik Landgraf look on as Bob Pulford tries the sign on the post to measure height.
Erik Landgraf and Ralph Scarpino clear some wood out of the way.

Bob Pulford uses the post hole digger to prepare for placement of sign post while Kevin Noblet, Don Stein and Paul Hart look on.
Jim Lussier and Kevin Noblet getting sign post hole dug for the Pollinator Garden sign.

Heading out on the Beaver Brook Marsh Boardwalk to contemplate sign placement.

Ralph Scarpino, Ginny Apple, Tim Duschenes-Desmond, Bob Pulford and Kevin Noblet contemplate sign location.

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