Winter Wander

Come join us for this hearty hike and educational event! If you're not up for the hike, join us afterwards at Squire's Tavern where Mat will talk about winter wanderings outdoors, the equipment to use and other good tips.

Hike in the New Year!!

Lots of calories ingested during the Holiday Season so join us for a New Year's Day hike to shake some of them off! Then, thanks to the generosity of the Barkhamsted Historical Society, we'll have a few snacks after the hike!


With the help of our Boardwalk crew and a few new volunteers, work began on lifting the platform up. In the words of FALPS' President, Ralph Scarpino:"We worked to straighten the boardwalk yesterday. We did good but there is another corner that has sunk!! Under Roger Behren's direction, we were able to jack the outside... Continue Reading →

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