Fly Fishing with the Best

We're excited to have Fly Fishing Guide extraordinaire, Zach St. Amand, to demonstrate how it's done, how to read the water and all kinds of interesting things. Join us Sunday, it's free and open to all.

Nature’s Houses

What a fun time everyone had creating their natural fairy houses this past weekend.Much thanks to 0the creativity of Helen Ann and Erik Landgraf, who brought supplies, led all the participants on a walk to pick up natural items for their houses. It was a great turnout and a wonderful event.

Finding Your Way

If you've ever been lost in the woods--or anywhere for that matter--without cell service or even a map, come join FALPS and outdoor expert Mat Jobin on Sunday for this exciting and helpful event. Free and open to all.

Bring Your Imagination and Build a Fairy House

Do you like to pick up pine cones, acorns and other little things from the forests? Well, now you can use them in constructing a fairy house. Join Helen Ann Landgraf for this wonderfully fascinating event. Open to all. Bring yourselves and your imagination!

A New Forest Bench

Another great FALPS' project today! Erik and Helen Ann Landgraf were joined by American Legion and Peoples State Forests' Supervisor Jim Warner, Jim Lussier and Janet Bumstead in constructing a bench outside the Nature Museum in Peoples State Forest. It has views across the Farmington River and of the Turkey Vulture Ledges in American Legion... Continue Reading →

Soapstone Hike

Come join Anthropologist Ken Feder and FALPS for this exciting and informational hike, Saturday, June 19th at 9:30 a.m.

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