Dealing with Invasives

In an effort to thwart the further growth of invasive phragmites--the tall brownish grasses with plumed heads that grow in marshy areas, FALPS' President Ralph Scarpino and other volunteers joined Tim Batchelor of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's (DEEP) Fire Control Unit in trying to burn the phragmites while Beaver Meadow Marsh was... Continue Reading →

Bare Necked Trees and how to Identify Them in Winter…

Come join FALPS  and Master Wildlife Conservationist, Lynn Kochiss, for a talk on winter tree identification in Connecticut. Lynn will go over various ways to identify trees--even when the leaves are off! Sunday, February 17th from 1-2:30 p.m. at the Barkhamsted Town Garage Community Room, 33 New Hartford Road (Route 44), Barkhamsted.

Pond Trail Hemlock Mystery.

    Many have asked why the large Hemlock at the end of the Pond Trail was cut down. Janet Bumstead, a member of FALPS' Board and docent at the Nature Museum took these photos and offered this explanation. Thanks Janet! In case you wondered why the hemlock tree at the end of the Pond... Continue Reading →

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