Wilderness School Youth Volunteer

We were so excited to work, once again, with youth volunteers from the Wilderness School in East Hartland. FALPS’ Board President Ralph Scarpino, and Board Member Erik Landgraf, arranged to have the School come help building bog bridges on the Agnes Bowen Trail in Peoples State Forests.

They installed 8 sections of bog bridges on the Agnes Bowen Trail just South of its junction with the Charles Pack Trail. Lace up your boots and check it out. Thanks to Board Member Bob Pulford who assisted Ralph with the project.

Click on link for information about the Wilderness School. https://portal.ct.gov/DCF/Wilderness-School/Home

Ralph Scarpino in background explains to the volunteers nuances of bog bridge construction.

Bob Pulford (center) demonstrates how to construct a section of the bridge.

It was a hot day but the volunteer teens worked tirelessly without complaint!

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